Passion Up To The Horizon – we know the finalists of the 3rd edition of the Grant Scheme!

For the third time, talented young people from the poviat of Sławno will be awarded grants of PLN 6 thousand each. The “Passions Up To The Horizon” (“Pasje po Horyzont”) Grant Scheme motivates young people to develop their passions and helps them fulfil their dreams. The initiative is carried out by POC Partners together with the Darłowo Centre for Volunteering.

In the upcoming year, the grants will be awarded to three people. Sincere congratulations to the winners – Magdalena Zawadka, Krzysztof Kołakowski and Sebastian Wierzbicki. We wish them continuous growth and an opportunity to pursue their passions up to the horizon!

Magdalena Zawadka – resident of Darłowo, student in the 2nd year of Pedagogy. Her passion is reading books. She loves reading and writing, and is a keen book reviewer. She shares her observations on her Instagram profile.

Krzysztof Kołakowski – resident of Darłowo municipality, student of the 3rd form in the Darłowo Maritime School Complex. His passion is music. Krzysztof is a self-taught guitarist and his dream is to have professional music equipment. He wants to polish his skills both in terms of composing and live performances with his band.

Sebastian Wierzbicki – resident of Darłowo municipality, student of the 3rd form in the Stanisław Dubois Secondary School No. 1 in Koszalin. Sebastian has many passions, including mindfulness, meditation, slow living, photography, shooting films, poetry,

composing music and, above all, yoga. He dreams of developing his spiritual path under the guidance of the best certified yoga teachers.

If you are interested in the grant winners’ further development and their activity, follow the Facebook profile of the Darłowo Centre for Volunteering:

The awarding gala was held on 15 December 2020 at the Darłowo Centre for Volunteering. Due to the current epidemiological situation, the event was attended only by the grant winners, the organiser and a representative of POC Partners.